Le Gabarit-diet center scheme is based on a total commitment to quality and customer service. As we have grown and won national business, it has become apparent that our core values of trust, integrity, passion and teamwork, have set us apart. We are proud to be one of the leading diet centers recognized for our strive to variety, innovation and service; these key features have been developed over the years as we have grown as a family owned business. They are the foundations of our mission which is to be the "Healthy Foodservice Provider of Choice".


  • High knowledgeable work force
  • Skilled Labor 4
  • Safe working environment
  • Yearly Trainings:
    • Excellence in Customer Service and communication skills
    • Kitchen’s safe food handling practices
    • Team building
    • Fire safety
    • Logistics road discipline, customer service, Vans maintenance, personal hygiene and security
  • High-level standards for all operations’ characteristics
  • High safety measures for Gas installation system
  • High pest control application (monitored by Boecker)
  • All production managers, quality controllers and maintenance supervisors hold a certificate in Integrated Pest Management Awareness (IPM) from Boecker.
  • Rigorous food safety management procedures: Regular inspections of hygiene application and operation’s process from proper receiving, to safe storage, secure preparation, packaging and delivery procedures, ensuring the practice of food safety standards
  • Steadiness of quality
  • Constant update of menu items and introduction of new flavors
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability


  • IT system designed for better and easier internal and external communication
  • Tailor-made program for the operation’s cycle (from order request to production, through accounting procedures and until delivery)
  • Logistics well monitored by our headquarters (GPS technology). Daily reports include:
    • Van’s departure/arrival from/to outlet
    • Speed track
    • Zone stops including time of arrival to each location
    • Van’s temperature
    • Van’s maintenance records, reminders and statistics
  • Record tracking system:
    • Receiving: time, core temperature of products, expiry date, product condition
    • Cooking: combi oven’s temperature & time adapted to every cooking procedure
    • Blast-chilling temperature & time recorded for every dish before sampling it
    • Temperature & time control from packaging to delivery of end product or box.