Holiday Cleanse!

After all the holiday sweets and fatty foods taken over the past few weeks, who does not need a cleanse?!  Though a well prepared juice cleanse with wheatgrass or spirulina is the most effective of all cleanses, it can be a really big strain on your system this time of year.  In winter, our bodies need more warm, cooked, fattier foods, which a green juice would not provide.  People who embark on juice cleanses in the winter find themselves weaker, colder, and more drained of energy than they would be doing the same cleanse any other time of the year.

Here are some general guidelines for cleansing:

* Avoid for 7 days eating anything too rich, fatty, sweet, or salty, and finish the day off with a really light dinner (preferably something like soup or salad) with protein.

* Start every day with a glass of hot water with lemon (real lemon!  Not the store-bought, bottled kind!)with a tsp of Manuka Honey. This balances your body’s pH and starts to unblock your adrenals.

* Do not start with hardcore exercise. It is always better if you start with light exercise every day while like Yoga and pilates they are both great, moderate forms of exercise.

* Throughout the 7 days , avoid ALL toxins and allergens.  This includes:  red meat, sugar, wheat (or any kind of gluten), dairy, soy, peanuts, coffee, any artificial colors or flavors, and processed foods of any kind.  Stick to whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and gluten-free grains (for lunch). Obviously, opt for organic foods whenever possible.

* If you have a coffee addiction and experience withdrawal symptoms during your cleanse, you can drink low acidic coffee. Otherwise, opt for detoxifying herbal teas throughout the day, like rooibos tea, Matte tea, ginger tea, or a detox tea blend.

* Drink tons of warm or hot water throughout the day.  This will aid in the cleansing process, and also help you feel more full between meals.  If you are starting to feel hungry at any point, drink a big glass of warm water (with lemon and a tsp of chia seeds), and you should be fine until the next time you eat.

* Take it easy during your cleanse. Don’t schedule lots of activities for the days of your cleanse, beyond work and your necessary daily activities.  And definitely don’t put yourself in social situations where it will be difficult for you to stick to your plan!

* Try getting your sweat on with a session of an infrared sauna. Infrared is the type of light used to heat objects in the sauna instead of air, allowing the body to sweat at lower temperatures. Because infrared light penetrates deeper, the heat pulls out toxins deep under the skin and exfoliates them through the skin—which is amazing for detoxifying and weight loss!

* Lastly the liver and the bowel are the two most important organs in the cleansing process.

Milk thistle, glutathione, L- Glutamine, NAC & Turmeric are the best nutrients to support the liver during a cleanse.
Probiotics or ‘friendly’ bacteria are used to improve conditions in the bowel to help flush toxins from the body.

Don’t forget to ask the specialist before taking any of these supplements.

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