Our Story

Our Story

By 2004 and relying on her passion, and her family heritage of over 70 years in the hospitality and food catering business, Ms. Corbani built the needed capacity and capability to establish a high standard 2000sqm health and diet food catering facility, one of top 5 largest in the nation, and fully compliant to international Food Safety Management Systems and ISO certified for food safety and process in the food chain.
It all started in 1996 when our founder and the driving force behind Le Gabarit, Ms. Mireille Rizk Corbani, finished her studies and degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, dreaming of establishing a high end Diet Center offering cutting edge expertise and knowledge in the field of health and nutrition, this at a time the country had non.


Today Le Gabarit and Mireille Rizk Corbani are 2 iconic brand names and beacons in the world of health and nutrition, offering the highest standard of healthy food with flawless execution of 3,500 meals to more than 50,000 clients across the nation, on a daily basis.

Our Mission

To provide the healthiest alternative for a healthier lifestyle through adequate and balanced nutrition, and to relentlessly work to carry health awareness and conversion.

Our Vision

To become the trusted authority and reference for health and nutrition, and a positive force of change in our community passionately advocating healthy living.


Our Values

We have high integrity in everything we do and take pride in fulfilling our mission well.
We are passionate about health and nutrition and improving the lives of our clientele and communities.
We value all our clientele, suppliers and team members. They are the reason we can sustain our business.
We are innovative and always strive to remain as such.
We are obsessed with quality and aim to flawlessly deliver each and every time.
We operate in a healthy, happy and safe environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every individual must have the right access to health and nutrition, and will do whatever we can to contribute to this.
We have conviction that health is the ultimate key to a happier and more meaningful life.
We are committed to endlessly build our capability and expertise to remain at the edge of innovation in the health and wellness category.
We will always be driven to spread health awareness and improve our communities.


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